SEO positioning

Website promotion is a set of actions to increase website traffic through Google search results through targeted queries.


Internal and external audit of the site for the lack of errors hindering the promotion.

Keyword collection and grouping.

Creating a mass of thematic links on positioned pages.

Competitive website analysis helps you reduce costs and choose the right strategy when promoting your site.

Audit and maintenance of effective contextual advertising in GoogleAds.

Analysis of structure and structure that promotes increase in% conversion.

Analysis and configuration of Google Analytics.

Writing texts for people and search engines.

Optimize Google My Business for local SEO.

Working method

A reliable strategy is very important when promoting websites.
Our techniques have been tested for many years.

We collect and group keywords

We supply and naturally increase the reference weight

We write sales and SEO texts that people and search engines like.

We're working on commercial factors to improve the site’s credibility

We carry out external and internal audits, analyze factors

Analyzing and offering new marketing channels

A DEV team of 5-10 people

Depending on the tasks and the type of project

Project manager

Keep relations between the client and the team

SEO Optimizer

Analyzes search algorithms, conducts work to improve site ranking


It works on the quality and increase of links.


It delves into your niche and writes the necessary texts

Specialist - PPC

Runs contextual advertising on search engines

Usability Specialist

Analyzes user behavior to increase conversions.


A specialist in attracting and retaining customers


Configures and analyzes input data. Generates clear reports


Implements technical recommendations

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For small websites and websites

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Online Stroes SEO

For catalogs and e-commerce projects.

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Prices and dates depend on

Competition and localization

The number of competitors' sites in a business niche is one of the main criteria for assessing the amount of work and time to promote a site

The number of keywords

The more competitive high-frequency requests are, the more expensive and longer the positioning will be.

SEO Ready

Before positioning, you need a seo-audit, after which you can find out about the site's readiness for positioning and estimate the time to make changes and recommendations.

Current positions

The closer to the first page of the search engine the page is, the cheaper and faster.

Internal optimization

Unique content, metatags, microdata, relink, site speed.

Updating search algorithms

Search engines constantly complicate their algorithms. This leads to frequent internal and external modifications.

This is important!

Watch out for optimizers that guarantee top positions in organic search results based on special relationships with search engines.
Magic buttons and reserved spaces do not exist.

Frequently asked questions by customers

SEO promotion is like sport. When working on the site, you occupy a leading position. When you’re done working on your site promotion, your competitors begin to overtake you. Therefore, the main task of SEO is to keep the site in TOP-10.

The cost of SEO promotion depends on the current position of the site, the quality of search engine optimization, the level of competition and their number.

Time to appear in TOP depends on many different factors. The main parameter and the longest is the time it takes the search engine to index the reference mass. This criterion depends entirely on the search engine and the speed of the search bots, as well as the quality of internal site optimization, content uniqueness, age and domain name, and more. As soon as your site meets the search engine requirements, the page will take a leading position in search results. Also, don’t forget that the criteria and requirements of the search algorithm change frequently and you need to be “up to date” to keep your site from falling down.

In the text, search engines understand what a page is about, whether it is interesting to users, whether the page is unique and whether it is necessary to show it to people. The unique text on the page is an important criterion for search results, so we recommend paying them a certain weight.

It is necessary to earn the trust of search engines to meet the criteria of their algorithms. It is necessary to do a huge amount of work both internal and external on the site, as well as waiting for search engines, indexing it and “assessing”. This process takes about 3-6 months.

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